Wednesday, March 28, 2012

IVSO Advertising

Take a look! I ordered these custom post-it notes with my IVSO logo and website on them. I've been writing positive messages (that I sincerely believe) and sticking them on mirrors, laptops, doors and lockers around my school. I even passed them to a couple of people and it was such a positive experience. Making people smile by encouraging them to believe how beautiful they are is one of the best feelings I've ever felt!

Keep your eyes out around George Brown College for the love notes.

For more on my thesis take a look at IVSO's facebook page.

Yummy snack idea! featured this recipe for overnight  no-cook oatmeal and even offer different flavours. So cool and they all sound so, well, yummy! I'm so looking forward to doing this! Plus, I thoroughly enjoy eating out of mason jars. Who doesn't ?! Click the image below to be taken to their page or click here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What I've been working on recently

So being that I'm in my final year and final month of my graphic design program I had to create a design thesis. I chose to advertise (it's my major) for a makeup company NOT using insecurities as every other company does. Thus the birthday of IVSO or Inside vs. Outside.

I'm down to the wire to get everything done in time for our year end show. I've even created a facebook page for people to follow and enjoy. Check it out here .

It's time for women to feel proud of who they are and use makeup to show that off, and not to use makeup to hide what they don't like.

Help to EXPAND the ideal of beauty. Support IVSO!

How to get Lana Del Rey's look

Hey makeup lovers/ Lana Del Rey lovers! (I happen to fall into both categories)
I found this video tutorial showing you how to achieve her look! Also, you get to listen to Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" whilst watching. Win/Win. That is, unless, you don't like her music...then I suggest pressing "mute".
In any case, enjoy!

Understanding eye shapes

One thing that makeup artists have on non-makeup artists is that they have an understanding of different eye shapes and how makeup interacts.

I found this picture that sums it up pretty nicely. Hope this helps!!

I can also answer any further questions.

Subtle Smokey Eye Video Tutorial

Hey look! A video makeup tutorial! Enjoy!
Feel free to comment or email me and ask for a specific tutorial!

Body Rock

If you have never heard of BodyRock.TV it's a free online program you can do at home. They have different levels of intensity for beginner, intermediate and advanced for men and women. It's fantastic and the workouts are totally a challenge. Speaking of challenges they have series of workout challenges. Awesome!
Go to :