Sunday, April 1, 2012

This blog is in memory...

I had the gift of growing up with the Giometelo family. Greg Giometelo was good friends with my father long before I was even a thought. He is the guitar player in my dad's band—who still play gigs every now and then. Greg's wife Marilyn and my mother bonded over their husband's band and became best friends. They were all very close and both couples had two daughters within months of eachother. Hayley Giometelo who is about a year about from my older sister Andrea. And Summer Giometelo who was born within four months of me.

We all grew up together. Summer was my first friend, and has been one of my best ever since. As we grew older, our parents would still get together. My entire life I saw Greg and Marilyn as my uncle and aunt. There has always been a family bond.

Early last year, Marilyn had been battling with liver issues and we were all so happy that she improved and was well enough to share Hayley's wedding day with her in Cuba. My mom still remembers her vision of a very happy and at peace Marilyn walking along the white sandy beaches. 

In August of last year, two months after my month-long journey in Italy, Greg and Marilyn were over for a visit. Everyday I was in Italy I kept a blog, keeping in touch with everyone back home, and sharing my adventures from day to day. I had turned my blog into a final project and was just finishing it. I asked Marilyn if she wanted to see it and she couldn't have been more happy to. 

Aside, Marilyn told me that while she was stuck inside all day she would look forward to reading my blog posts everyday. She told me they took her away from the pain and loneliness that was her everyday life. We both had tears in our eyes. I will never forget that moment. It meant the world to me.

In February 2012, Marilyn passed away from liver complications. My world, along with my family's world was rocked. It was one of those things in life that is just so hard to understand.  

Marilyn was one of my favourite people in this world. She watched me grow up. I feel like everyone, as a kid, knew that kid who had the mom they thought was so cool. Marilyn was it. She was cool to hang out with, she was cool to talk to, I had a world of respect for her. On top of this, Marilyn believed in me. She supported all my art and design achievements and endeavours. She made me feel proud.

When she passed, this blog was still being designed. I decided right then that this blog would be in her memory and everything I did from then on, part of it would be for her. 

This blog is in memory of Marilyn Giometelo. A wonderful women who had a bigger impact on my life than she ever knew. I will never forget her and her smile.

I love you Marilyn.
Hope you enjoy this blog too.

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  1. This is really great! She was truly one of my favourite people in the world.