Monday, November 5, 2012

A Formal Apology

I've already lied to you as this will in no way be formal—it's not how I roll.

Let me catch you up on my happenings in the last few months...

I am currently on bed rest due to major knee surgery I participated in 3 weeks ago. By "participated" I mean I 'volunteered' to go under the knife. However, if I started the story here I would be lying to you once again about catching you up in the last few months. You're welcome.

This past summer I did a few fun things, I went to Florida, hung out with friends—you know, the twenty-something usual summer activities. In other words, all involving alcohol. But perhaps the biggest thing to happen in my life this past summer was something that happened to my sister.

Her boyfriend and her went on a week-long trip to Rome, Italy. His company apparently has GREAT selling incentives. The day they left my sister, Andrea, had one last exam to complete and then she would have to grab her stuff and run to the airport (they had an evening flight). She left for the day and maybe an hour later Matt, her boyfriend, showed up back at the house with flowers. I was called down from my room and from their body language I could feel the intense emotion building. Matt was clearly nervous while he explained that the bouquets were for my mother and I. This guy was good. It was one of those moments where nothing had to be said, we knew what was coming next. He asked for my mom and I's approval to propose to Andrea. Mom started balling, I hugged Matt then asked to see the ring—of course I would. Bold. He was prepared for it though.

It was a beautiful ring! I asked if he picked it by himself and he admitted he had help from his mom but I still commended him (them). I yelled up the stairs to my friend Kayla. She had stayed the night and was closer to my phone or my camera than I. She promptly came running down the stairs, I told her what had just happened in a voice that was louder than necessary but I was really excited and couldn't be bothered to control my volume. Snap! Picture acquired. 

He asked where he could find my dad and my mom instructed him to visit the nearest Canadian Tire. Matt found him at the hotdog stand waiting for his tire to be changed. So, Matt rolled with the punches, paid for my dad's Italian sausage which brought him more joy than a bouquet of flowers ever could and asked for his daughter's hand in marriage.

They left for Italy and we were all on the edges of our seats waiting to get THE phone call. I thought mine came while out with my friends. I looked down and saw I missed a ridiculously long phone number and shouted out "ANDREA JUST CALLED!". Of course my friends knew all about it the moment I saw them. She left a message. Great, I may have missed the call but she left me a sisterly message telling me she was now engaged. It was sisterly alright, but didn't go the way I had hoped. She was angry that she could not reach our folks or myself and she had been trying for a while. No "I'm engaged!". No " He put a ring on it!". Nothing. Just sisterly anger. Sonofa...

She eventually made it back home and we saw the actual footage of the proposal. Adorable.

There's a funny thing that happens to a twenty-something girl, at least this one, when my friends get engaged. I start rethinking my own life journey and choices. I am happy for my friends for one minute before some voice pops into my head, "And why aren't you engaged yet?". Excuse me voice in my head but I don't appreciate questioning if I am doomed to become a spinster just because someone in my life has found her other half. Maybe it's just me but I have a strong intuition I'm not alone on this. Can I get an "Amen"!?

As I spend more days on my rump I plan to blog lots more. More makeup posts, more design posts and more fitness posts. With that being said, I will end this blog for this evening and leave you with some catch-up pictures. Including the ring!

My Matthew and I in Florida

What I had to work with the days I spent at Land's End.

My sister and her Fiance Matt, (yes we are both with Matt's) in their engagement shoot.

The professional shot of the ring.

My professional shot of the ring 5 minutes after her asked my mother and I.

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