Monday, May 4, 2015

Pin Up

May the fourth be with you!

Let's get right to it! This look is by request!

This style of pin ups were really popular in the 50's. So we are talking time period makeup. I didn't stick too hard to the style but I obeyed as much as I could.

To pull off this look:

Step 1. 
Step one is your eyebrows. They need to be full with a natural arch. 

Step 2.
Eyeliner. Here is where I didn't follow TOO closely. The wing is absolutely necessary.  Normally I would have a solid liquid line going from my inner corners to the wing and the line be a little more curved — not so straight across.  You can use tape to get that sharp edge if you like.

Step 3.
So we have eyebrows and liner. My eyeshadow it very minimal so that's why it's not really being mentioned. This looks is actually pretty simple to achieve! But if you're curious it's a pale cream shadow and a slightly darker than my skin tone crease shadow. Shimmer need not apply!

Step 4.
Mascara and lashes!

Step 5.
Red.Lips. No question about it. I used a MAC pro long wear lipliner in "Kiss Me Quick" and MAC lipstick in "Ruby Woo".

Optional: Beauty mark!

Foundation is Armani Designer Lift.
Lashes are from Quo

I really hope you try this look out! 

I cannot wait to have a full-blown pin-up shoot with Faye Ross from Faye Ross Photography (check her stuff out here). Until then sailor...

Love & Bedroom Eyes,

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