Monday, April 20, 2015

Grey is the new black

Happy Monday Gorgeous!

It seems like winter is behind us finally and April showers have arrived to bring us May flowers... or more importantly wash away all of March's bullsh*t.

In the theme of April Showers and the fact that grey (gray for my American amigos) has become very trendy, here is a simple grey look.

Grab your umbrella & galoshes and enjoy.

This look is deceivingly easy! 

Step 1.
Apply a grey shadow all over your lid to your crease, I used "Grey Wash" from MAC.

Step 2.
Taking a darker grey, I used "Nice Ash" from Too Faced's Indulgences palette and apply this to your crease and outer corners.

Step 3.
No surprise here, to keep this look lighter I applied NYX's shadow pencil in "Milk" to the inner corners of my eyes.

Step 4.
Using black eyeshadow, apply this close to your lash line and tightline your eyes.

Step 5.
Sweep the lighter grey you used across your bottom lashes and make sure to join the eyeshadow on the top of your lids at the outer corner.

Step 6.
Apply mascara!

Step 7.
Choose a lighter/brighter lipstick. This one is by MAC and is called "Sea Sheer".

Bam. Done.

Can I tell you a secret? I even used my fingers to apply everything. Finger painting for grown ups!

Love & April Showers,

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