Monday, April 6, 2015

Dark...Really Dark

Hello Internet!

Happy Easter to you and yours this Makeup Monday!
I write to you from a couple provinces over. I have a bunch of wonderful family in New Brunswick and visiting here is always my favourite!

But enough about me...

Today's look is a bold one!

See? Bold. But not hard...

Step 1.
I suggest using an eyeshadow primer with this one — no one likes raccoon eyes. (Don't tell raccoons I said that). Take black eyeshadow and start applying it from your lash line to JUST above your cease. Keep applying/layering the black if the shadow your using isn't pigmented enough.

Step 2.
Using a warm colour —I used a purple shade, apply it to your crease over the back and blend outwards. Warmer colours help blend the black into your skin. The application of makeup isn't challenging, it's ensuring it's blended out well. Harsh lines are not welcome here!

Step 3.
Take a bright/light colour, and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes around your tear ducts. Also, line your eyes with black liner. The blacker, the better!

Step 4.
Since the shadow is so dark, don't stress about lining your top lids. I did and you can see just how visible it is. This look needs no flick of eyeliner but I did it anyways because hey! practice is the key to makeup!

Step 5.
Take a small brush and apply black shadow over the liner on the inside of the lash line and your lash line. Take the same warm colour you used to blend the top lid with and without adding more to the brush you used, start blending the bottom black shadow out gently.

Step 6.
Apply mascara and highlighter just under your brown bone to make 'em pop!

Truth be told false eyelashes would make this look more intense and I would have loved to wear them, however I need to refill my stock so let's just use our imagination that I am wearing them! I suggest for this look, you apply at lease three-quarter strips. When your makeup is dark, it's easy to lose sight of your pretty eyelashes.

Also not to say it cannot be done, but, when you have dark eyes try to keep your lips light. You don't want them to compete against each other.

Take your time with this one. It's really about blending. I believe in you!

Love & Raccoons have beautiful eyes,

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