Monday, March 30, 2015


Hi Beautiful,

Happy Monday once again! This week I thought we would go simple. Sometimes I feel like wearing dramatic makeup. Sometimes I don't wear anything. This is not one of either of those times.

This time we are going for a clean look. A roll-out-of-bed-and-smear-makeup-on-your-way-out look.

How To:

Step 1.
After your usual foundation routine, blend your favourite slightly darker than your skin tone eyeshadow into your crease with a fluffy brush. I used a shadow from Smashbox's Full Exposure palette.

Step 2.
Take an eyeshadow colour that is lighter than your skin tone, I used "Venus" from Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette. Add it to your lid and just on top of your brow bone.

Step 3.
Using whatever black eyeshadow you like, if you are curious I used the black in the Urban Decay Naked palette called "Crave", and a thin tapered brush, line your lash line with a little flick at the end. Unsure of how to get that cat-eye-flick to happen? Imagine there is a line on an angle running from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. You can use your brush to see the correct angle—that's how your eyeliner flick should go. Practice is the key here.

Step 4.
Apply that mascara!

Step 5.
Taking the small tapered brush you used for your liner and without adding anymore eyeshadow to the brush, line your bottom lash line from the outer corner to half way or three quarters of the way in.

Step 6.
Blush, eyebrows, lipstick.


I swear your can do this half asleep before work. And keep practicing those flicks!

Have a wonderful week friend!

Love & Flicks,

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