Monday, March 23, 2015

Naked Palette Tutorial — Glamour Tutorial

Happy Makeup Monday! Today's look has everything to do with Urban Decay's Naked Palette! I personally prefer the first palette of all of them so that's what I chose to use. Steps as always are underneath.

How To:

Step 1.
Add "Darkhorse" to the inner and outer corners as well as your crease.

Step 2.
Take "Half Baked" and add that to the middle of your lids joining the Darkhorse on the inner and outer corners.

Step 3.
Blend. When it's blended out to your liking, add a little more "Half Baked" to the center of your lids to really make them pop!

Step 4.
Using your favourite liner, I used transformer with black eyeshadow, give yourself that perfect winged eyeliner.

To help create even wings, imagine your bottom lash line continues out — that's the angle your wing should be on. Practice makes perfect [enough].

Step 5.
Apply "Half Baked" to the inner corners of your bottom lash line and let it fade into "Darkhorse" on the outer sides of your bottom lash line.

Step 6.
I used white eyeliner again to make my eyes look bigger and more open—but feel free to use black if you prefer!

Step 7.
Load on that mascara to complete your look, and I've added lashes from Ardell to make my eyes look even more dramatic.

Step 8.
The key to really bringing this look home is those red lips! I have used one of my favourite lip pencils and shades of red : MAC Pro Long Wear in "Kiss Me Quick". Seriously, it's fantastic!

And that's it!

I realize eight steps doesn't sound like a "and that's it" amount of steps but I really broke it down for you! I promise you can achieve this too!

You go girl.

Love & Practice Makes [almost] Perfect,

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