Monday, March 16, 2015

Easy Contouring Tutorial!

You asked for it my friends!

One of the most requested tutorials I have been asked to do is all about contouring.

So below, enjoy an easy and fast tutorial on highlighting and shadowing your face featuring my face!

Remember that everyone's face is different and practice makes perfect!

I am assuming I don't need too much of a step by step explanation for this but let me include some tips.

Tip 1.
 A good rule of thumb for figuring out where your check bone contouring should go: feel where your cheek bone is. Got it? Good. Now slowly feel your way down to where it feels the bottom of it is. That's where your shade should go. Genereally speaking from the ear to the corners of your mouth. (Hopefully the image provided helps this make sense)

Tip 2.
It may be hard to see but I have a highlight just on the top line of the bow of my lips. Especially for us ladies with smaller lips, this helps the illusion of bigger ones. Amen!

Tip 3.
Choose a shade maybe 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and a highlight colour 2-3 shades lighter. If you go too extreme you may start looking more over-done which is NEVER a good makeup look!

Tip 4.

Goodluck soldiers!

Love & Illusions, 

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