Monday, March 2, 2015

Let's Start a Monday Tradition ...

Makeup Mondays!!

Every Monday there will be a new makeup look up for you (or an official apology/excuse combo).

So let's begin with today!

On Saturday I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 10th Annual Heart to Heart Gala Fundraiser hosted by The Catholic Family Services of Durham. It is an evening where the community comes together to celebrate and raise money in support of our services which goes to assist over 600 abused women and their families. If you would like to know more and/or help click to visit their website HERE

It was an absolutely lovely event!

Here is the makeup look I wore that evening:

How I achieved this look:

Step 1.
Using a shadow SLIGHTLY darker than your skin colour, in my case I used one the warmer matte shadows in the Smashbox Full Exposure palette (which is one of my all time favourites for bridal!). I used a fluffy blending brush to sweep this into my crease. This created a bit of an outline as to where my crease should be when it comes time to use darker colours. It's a trick I use to make sure my client's makeup is applied correctly for their eyeshape. It also allows me to blend the darker colours in to my skin colour later.

Step 2.
With a denser eyeshadow brush I applied a darker warm brown tone into the outer corners and across my crease. Then, using the fluffy brush from Step 1., I blended it.

Step 3. 
Next, I took "Venus" from Urban Decay's Naked Basics palette and applied it to the inner corners and 3/4 of the way to the outer corners of my eyelids. I took the blending brush and blended again until it was a smooth transition.

Step 4. 
Using a small about of black shadow and a small eyeshadow brush, I darkened the outer corners and just slightly into my crease to define it more and add a little more drama. You guessed it, I blended once again after this.

Step 5.
Using a transformer, in this case Metamorphix by Lise Watier, with a consistency comparable to more of a gel liner rather than a liquid liner I applied my eyeliner using black eyeshadow.

Step 6.
I lined my waterline with black kohl liner and applied a little black eyeshadow over it to ensure it wouldn't go anywhere during the night.

TIP: Eyeliner pencils are waxy, so to ensure it doesn't disappear right away I apply shadow over it to lock it in place.

Step 7.
Taking the same darker warm brown, and then the colour slightly darker than my skin tone, I blended the shadow underneath my eyes to a soft finish.

Step 8.
I used a Mac Pro Long Wear lipliner in "In Anticipation" to make my eyes pop!

et voila!

Next week I will try to stay away from all the neutrals and bring you a fun look. Maybe I will even use false lashes!

Love & A Good Cause,

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