Monday, March 9, 2015

Pretty in Pink...

It's Monday! Not usually a day you get excited for but hopefully a new makeup look can turn that frown upside down!

Today's look is a bit softer than the previous posts I've had but still has bold eyelashes. I feel like there is a stigma around pink and blue eye shadowed looks. In the way of looking tacky, but if you know where to place your colours — everything will turn out fine! I will do a tutorial in the upcoming weeks to help explain where to put shadow colours. I am sure it will help those people who's blu shadow turns into this:

So let's get on with it!

How I Achieved This Look:

Step 1:
Using a puffy blending brush and a colour like "Backstage Pass" by Lancome from the Color Design palette, blend this shade into your crease. Some like to do the lightest colours first but I find when I define my crease, it's easier to place my other colours correctly and I always have a shade to blend into. Just a personal preference.

Step 2:
With a dense eyeshadow brush apply a colour like "Pink Venus" by MAC across your lid and "Pink Freeze" by MAC on the inner half. Should create a nice gradient of pinks

Step 3:
Using a small dense eyeshadow brush apply "Embrace" by Buxom from the Tango palette to the outer corners and lightly into your crease. Harsh lines are not welcome in this look.

Blend until your happy.

Step 5:
Using the eyeliner of your choice, I used transformer mixed with black eyeshadow, apply a thiner but definite eyeliner to the tops lids. I used false eyelashes in this look which required my line to be thicker than if I wasn't using lashes.

Step 6:
Apply your favourite mascara, I am currently using "Full Exposure" mascara by Smashbox. And apply your false lashes if you opt for them. If you need help applying false lashes, I did a tutorial a while back and you can find that here

Step 7:
Line your lower inner lash line with white eyeliner to make your eyes appear bigger and more open.

Step 8:
Using "Pink Freeze" by MAC, apply it under your eyes in the inner corner to 2/3 of the way to your outer corner.

Step 9:
Apply "Embrace" by Buxom to the outer third and blend into the "Pink Freeze" you previously applied.

Step 10:
Finish it off by apply mascara lightly to your lower lashes and adding a highlighter colour, I used "Venus" from the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay, just on top of my brow bone and to the inner corners of my eyes.

And there you go! I could have summarized in fewer steps but information is easier to swallow when you really break it down!

If you have a look you want to see me do a tutorial for, as always, send me a message or comment!

Have a wonderful week beautiful!

Love & A Hope for Spring,


  1. Hey there beautiful u just came across your page while looking for tutorials for the lorac unzipped palette...I've been scared of pink till just this past year...i would never try an almoat entirely pink look but you have made me rethink that...anyways I'm sorry if I sent a duplicate of this comment but it didn't show using my Google+...I'm not famiia r with any of these shades that you have used..are there any I could find in lorac unzipped? Do you do video tutorials? You are amazingly talented

    1. Hi Jennifer!
      You are too sweet, thank you for your kind words! And you can absolutely use the Unzipped palette from Lorac! Try using shades: Unconditional, Unreal & Unbelievable. They would look fabulous!

      I haven't done a video tutorial in years, and the only thing I am waiting for is to perfect my set up! So stay tuned video tutorials are definitely in the works!